transparency and conflicts of interest
Rooting out political corruption

Michigan's Freedom of Information Act exempts the governor's office, state lawmakers, and other local officials from opening up their emails and other communications to the public. There is no good reason that you are barred from seeing what your elected officials are saying and doing in their capacity as government officials. And sometimes, they hide behind this while introducing or voting on legislation that benefits their bank accounts or campaign coffers.

Take the Tesla lawsuit against Michigan as an example. A Michigan lawmaker's lobbyist wife put in legislation to keep Tesla from competing in Michigan. Tesla sued Michigan to fight this anti-competitive law bought and paid for by the auto dealer cartel's lobbyist, costing the taxpayers large sums of money over a corrupt deal. The kicker? We couldn't even see the lawmakers emails with the lobbyists to find out what happened.

We must change our laws to (1) give you access to these records so that you can hold your elected officials accountable and (2) prevent our elected officials from taking part in dangerous conflicts of interest.