fighting corporate and wall street greed

When giant corporations like Walmart open up in new areas, local small businesses are forced to go out of business. While the giant retailer's new employees struggle to pay their bills with poverty-inducing wages, the money its store generates are pulled out of that community and sent out to shareholders and executives on the coasts. That story is all too familiar.

It's on the verge of happening again. Right now, corporate giants like Kroger and CVS are trying to push Michigan's Attorney General and Liquor Control Commission to revoke a law that protects small businesses like corner stores from being pushed out by gigantic superstores. Business owners that worked their entire lives and invested all they have into these local businesses could lose everything once the rule is stripped and big business starts flexing their monopolistic muscles. 

Small business is the true engine of Michigan's and America's economy. I pledge to protect and prioritize local small business owners over vast multinational conglomerates.