fighting corporate and wall street greed

In 2010, Enbridge -- a Canadian company that reported $2.322 billion in earnings by end of the third quarter of 2017 alone -- was responsible for 20,000 barrels of oil spilling into the Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Michigan. That company also manages an oil pipeline, Line 5, that carries 23 million gallons of oil and liquid natural gas through the Straits of Mackinac. That pipeline is 64 years old, is falling apart and poses a direct threat to the Great Lakes. If Line 5 ruptured, it would devastate the Great Lakes' ecosystems, irrepparably damage Michigan's fishing and tourism industries, pollute Southeast Michigan's drinking water from the St. Clair River and set back Michigan's economy. 

Recent reports revealed that the pipeline's protective coating was lost in 8 different areas. Enbridge also knew about this for 3 years and failed to notify the State of Michigan or the public about these alarming deficiencies. Why would we entrust our most precious natural resource to a foreign company that knowingly lied to the People of Michigan and that's already responsible for $1 billion in oil spill damages in Michigan?

Protecting Michigan's environment is one of our biggest responsibilities. Michigan's arrangement allowing Enbridge an easement for this pipeline must be reevaluated and Enbridge must also be held accountable for putting our water, our health, our industries and our economy in jeopardy.