taking back our water
fighting corporate and wall street power

While poisonous lead leaches into Flint's drinking water, Nestlé pumps 130 million gallons of pure Michigan groundwater. Want to know what Nestlé pays for those 130,000,000 gallons of our water? $200 -- that's it. Then Nestlé packages and sells that water for gargantuan profits. Nestlé made $7.7 billion in water bottle sales worldwide in 2015. Michigan customers contributed $343 million to those profits alone. They pay $200 per year for hundreds of millions of gallons of our water per year that they turn into billions of dollars in profits. They are robbing us blind. And the kicker...Nestlé isn't even an American company, it's Swiss. In an era where access to fresh water is becoming invaluable, we need to do all we can to protect this precious resource. Nestlé must either fairly compensate the People of Michigan or cease its operations.