municipal broadband and a 21st century economy
Innovative policy solutions

Comcast and other internet service providers are pumping millions of dollars to fight municipal broadband. Why? It threatens their monopolies. We can allow cities and municipalities to create their own broadband networks to compete against Comcast and others. It'll force prices down, give you more and faster internet options, create jobs, and attract new businesses. Chattanooga, TN did this and the results were staggering: 2,800 jobs were created and the city generated $865 million in benefits as a result.

Automation and the rapid pace of technological advances continue to threaten existing industries and the current jobs of the working class. Learning from the example of Pittsburgh, this region must begin to diversify and shift towards other innovative industries such as education, healthcare, and technology before it is too late. With municipal broadband enshrined into law, the municipalities in Macomb County and the 30th District can begin the process of working to make municipal broadband a reality as we start to transform this region and provide a more competitive future.

Let's bring success to the 30th District and to the State of Michigan.