Roads, Education and marijuana
innovative policy solutions

It costs $28,117 of taxpayer dollars per year to imprison someone in Michigan. There are also societal costs to locking up a father of three for instance. That father can't provide an income for his family and his children will be left to get into trouble without guidance, stability, and money. Those are the costs we bear for possession of a substance no more harmful than alcohol.

Since Colorado recently legalized recreational use of marijuana, it's raised over $615,000,000 in tax and licensing revenue for the state budget. Think of what we could do to help Michigan prosper if we added money to our budget by legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana instead of spending taxpayer dollars to fight a failed drug war. Public transportation essentially doesn't exist, roads like Mound and Schoenherr are falling apart and our public education system is becoming more and more unequal as certain districts, like Utica Consolidated Schools, fall behind in funding. We could fund mass-transit, fix our crumbling roads and bridges, create jobs to build that infrastructure, and give our students what they need to succeed. I will support ballot initiatives or legislative efforts to (1) legalize, regulate, and tax the use of marijuana and (2) use that revenue to invest in our infrastructure and increase our kids’ academic achievement.