gerrymandering and voting rights
Rooting out political corruption

In Michigan, politicians handpick their voters instead of voters electing their politicians. Aside from obvious problems like maps being drawn to keep a party in power despite a majority of votes for the other party, it leads to primaries where the most radical candidate comes out and noncompetitive general elections. In turn, this contributes to the hyper-partisanship and dysfunctional politics we see today in Michigan and all over the country. Additionally, Michigan’s voting laws can't guarantee that our heroes serving abroad can vote or that an overworked mom can make it to the polls in time. These laws are dangerously insufficient. Democracy requires that we guarantee that every citizen can exercise their right to vote. I will support ballot initiatives and legislative efforts to (1) put redistricting in the hands of a transparent and accountable independent commission and (2) increase access to the ballots for all Michiganders.