Campaign Finance and Education
Rooting out political corruption

Michigan's Republican lawmakers recently forced through legislation essentially rendering our campaign finance laws null and void. Corporations and billionaires can now pump unlimited amounts of money into campaigns, effectively buying politicians to do their bidding. Take education for example. It is clear (1) that financial and performance accountability standards need to be equal across the board and (2) that we need to limit large, out-of-state companies from opening up charters authorized by distant colleges. But, reforms for better accountability and the requirement of local public school district authorization are continuously blocked. It's gotten so bad that a Republican-led effort for common-sense charter school reform in 2016 was destroyed after the DeVos family spent $1,450,000 in two months on campaign contributions to other Republican legislators to stop the effort. This corruption is completely unacceptable. We must reform campaign finance laws in Michigan to end this and restore the voice of everyday citizens.